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Welcome to the new Anand lab reports.  You can now securely access your test reports from any internet connected device (desktop, Mac, laptop, tablet, mobile phone).  The test reports when printed will look exactly the same as the test reports you collect directly from Anand diagnostic laboratory.  Save your time and effort by securely accessing the test reports online.


Got questions? We've got answers

  • 5. Can I see the reports on my Ipad and mobile phone?

    Yes. You can see the reports on multiple devices. Even this site can be viewed comfortably on your mobile device. Recently we also launched a Mobile App for android phones.

    To access the reports through the mobile app, first download and install the app from After installing the app, the patient has to self register after which they are ready to access the reports from their mobile devices.

    To access, they will need to login with their unique id and password. The unique id will be given to the patient at the time of registration.

  • 6. How secure is my report online?

    The login is authenticated through a user-id and access code (which is unique) to every patient. The login process is encrypted. Users have option to change the password to keep it more secure.

  • 7. For how long are my reports kept online?

    The reports will be available online for 3 years after which they are archived.

  • 8. Why do I need a PDF reader to see the report?

    A document in PDF format provides consistency of look and feel and font styles across all document types. Hence PDF is used as an industry standard when viewing documents online so that everyone gets to see the report in exactly the same way. To view a PDF document, you need a PDF reader like Adobe PDF reader or Nitro PDF reader.

    All these readers are free to download.

    Download Adobe PDF reader from here:

    Download Nitro PDF reader from here:


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